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Shuly Karasin

I am a sourdough addict baker and a fine cook
I have tried so many knives from top brands… One day my husband came home from a boat show in manhattan NY with this knife. Love the way it was packed, vert sophisticated and well crafted. When I sliced one of my loaves I fell InLove with this Bling bling. At this point I have 5 knives from this OUTSTANDING brand. My rate is TOP TOP TOP!!! go get yours!!

Chef Mike

Thank you so much Phil! I just recieved my knife today with the Lion on it and the engraved handle, its absolutely beautiful!!! I love it!!! and the bonus knife sharpener is awesome too!

Thanks so much again!
Looking forward to my next knife purchase!

Myrna Donaldson

I attended the NRA show at McCormick Place in Chicago. I purchased a 6\” chef knife as a gift.When I opened the beautiful,pull tab storage box it took my breathe away. The workmanship was exquisite! It was engraved elegantly. Excellent price for a knife of its caliber.

Scott Nazarian

I stopped by their booth at the NRA show and was completely blown away with the quality and craftsmanship of these knives. Best I’ve ever seen. I plan on ordering them for our restaurant and for my home.

Garry DeArmond

This is the nicest knife I have ever owned. As a cook the knife I use is very important, as it is my instrument. This is a knife I shall treasure for a lifetime! I am very attached to it.

Doris Hollingsworth

I purchased the entire block set at a Sams Club demo. I can say that at first use I am totaly convinced this is a Great Bargain. The paring knife slid thru the tough skin of an avacado as if it was butter. Next, i used the cheese knife. Then I use the 6 inch santoku. The handle does make a difference. So far I LOVE this set!


A wonderful company to deal with. I had to make an exchange, and it was completed quickly and professionally. I will recommend Rhineland to all my friends. Love my steak knives!

Wendy Noton

I bought a bread knife and a cutting knife from the Excel Travel Show in London. Cutting with both is a joy, I love cooking and I am now wondering how I ever managed before I acquired these. Worth every penny, I now have them for life…..They are a joy to use. Thank you.

David Campbell

Hello, I purchased the 2 knife Santoku set from you at the Eugene home show last year. Best money I have spent in a long time. Even my wife loves them.

David Campbell
Philomath, Oregon

Juan Acosta

I had the pleasure of purchasing the 8″ Chef’s Knife, Paring Knife, and the Asian Cleaver this weekend at a Home Show in Punta Gorda, FL. I loved the way it felt as I cut some vegetables that were at the display. The felt like an extension of my hands. I was so excited that when I got home I threw some vegetables together and cut them up to make a fine Gazpacho soup! I used all three knives! Wish I would have known about these knives before! Oh and my sales rep Joe Cusak was amazing and helpful!

Richard Bagdasarian

I bought the 8″ chefs knife at a restaurant industry show in 2009. Since then I have retired my entire Wustoff block permanently. If Wustoff is a cadillac, Rhineland is a Maseratti. I recently bought engraved knifes as gifts for 7 members of my family because they really are that impressive I have only needed to hone my blade 4 times in the 4 years I’ve owned my knife. There is no other knife on the market worth purchasing. This knife will make your life easier!

Sandy Butler

I bought 1 knife at a show and later bought more as gifts and I am not one who spends money without a lot of thought. These knifes are amazing, the hand craftsmanship in the handle alone keeps one from slicing something other than food. I am beyond impressed with the quality and precise nature of each slice that the knife makes:) I will never buy another knife unless it is made by Rhineland Cutlery….once you have used these knives it is impossible to use anything else. My hat is off to the individuals who design and make every knife from the blade to the handle…. Simply amazing!!!!!