Individual Knives

8″ Easy Blade$169

Double serrated. Non stick blade. Versatile.

6″ Easy Blade$149

Double serrated. Non stick blade. Versatile.

8″ Santoku Knife$169

8″ Santoku Knife
Rhineland 8" Santoku Knife

This knife is the ultimate in versatility! The 8″ blade is great for large vegetables like butternut squash and cabbage.

6″ Santoku Knife$149

6″ Santoku Knife

Combines features of a cleaver with a chef’s knife and the granton edge flutes make paper thin slices while preventing food from sticking to blade.

10″ Chef Knife$199

Rhineland 10in Chef Knife

The professional chef’s go to knife! Perfect for larger fruits and vegetables like melons and squashes. Longer blade makes for faster cuts.

8″ Chef Knife$169

Rhineland 8in Chef Knife

The ultimate workhorse! Perfect for fruits, vegetables and chicken breast. Curved blade allows the knife to rock for fine mincing.

6″ Chef Knife$149

Rhineland 6in Chef Knife

The ultimate vegetable knife! Perfect for small vegetables like mushrooms and garlic. Shorter blade allows for greater control.

8″ Bread Knife$169

8″ Bread Knife
8in Bread Knife

All purpose bread knife! Great for soft or hard bread. Unique double serration makes a perfect slice every time.

9″ Offset Serrated Knife$169

9in Offset Bread Knife

The perfect sandwich knife! Offset so your knuckles won’t hit the cutting board. Double serration for a more even slice.

5″ Spreader Knife$89

Perfect for making sandwiches. Great for frosting and cutting a cake. Flexible blade.

5″ Cheese Knife$89

5″ Cheese Knife
Rhineland 5in Cheese Knife

The perfect party knife! Great for soft or hard cheese. Unique double serration makes it very versatile.

12″ Ham Slicer$199

The ultimate slicer! Great for large cuts of meat. Long blade allows for thin and even slices of meat.

8″ Cleaver$219

Rhineland 8in Cleaver

The ultimate meat and poultry knife! Cuts through meat and bone with its heavy duty blade.

7″ Asian Cleaver$189

7″ Asian Cleaver
Rhineland Asian Cleaver

The ultimate rock chopper! Curved blade perfect for mincing garlic and herbs. Wide blade great for scooping vegetables.

6″ Boning Knife$129


A must have knife for preparing meat. Great for trimming fat, butterflying and de-boning.

9″ Fillet Knife$139

A fisherman’s dream! Flexible blade great for skinning fish. Perfect for trimming meat. Longer blade better for large fish  

7″ Fillet Knife$129

7″ Fillet Knife
Rhineland 7in Fillet Knife

A fisherman’s dream! Flexible blade great for skinning fish. Perfect for trimming meat.

3″ Folding Knife$149

Great for hunting and fishing Beautiful as well as durable Comes in a beautiful wooden box  

3.5″ Folding Knife w/Sheath$169

Great for hunting and fishing Beautiful as well as durable  

3.5″ Paring Knife$89

3.5″ Paring Knife
Rhineland 3.5in Paring Knife

No kitchen is complete without one! Great for peeling, paring and garnishing. Shorter blade allows for precise cuts.

5″ Steak Knife$99

5″ Steak Knife
Rhineland Steak Knife

The ultimate steak knife! Non serrated blade keeps its edge and is easy to sharpen. Cuts through steak like butter.

5″ Commercial Steak Knife$99

Big beefy steak house knife. Unique 2 sided serration cuts like a non serrated knife. Doubles as a butter knife.